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If you desire to spend a pleasant holiday with your family and friends then Agistri Island is one of the ideal destinations. We are very close to Aigina Island, which is very close to the port of Piraeus and is located outside Athens, Greece. Aigina Island is a quiet and isolated island covered with pines.

Visitors can easily get to Aigina Island by “Agistri Express” from Agistri (Skala) in about 10 minutes.

That time spent on sea is very exciting and enjoyable. On Aigina Island you will truly experience the exciting life of island.

Most of the people on Aigina Island are involved with sea.
You will see many fishermen, ship builders, sailors and other people associated with ships. There are also many farmers that grow natural products including olives, nuts, and other local fruits.

Attractions at Aigina Island:

At the Island, there are many attractions for visitors and foreigners. Here you can enjoy horse riding and can travel through carriage in the town, which is a very good way of sightseeing Aegina town. You can experience the true culture and architecture while travelling by road. Aigina town has many interesting buildings that give you a lot of information and knowledge on the history of the town and its famous people.

Usually it is a crowded place at the weekends as most of the Athenians visit this place with their families. There are many beaches where you can enjoy with your families and friends. Wide range of activities and sports can be enjoyed in Aigina island including water sports, scuba diving, fishing, wind surfing and many more. If you are not interested in games or outdoor activities then there are many picnic spots for you and your family to enjoy a quiet and peaceful afternoon.

How to reach Aigina Island from our Hotel:

While staying at Agistinn you can easily ship from Agistri Island to Aigina Island if you desire to see Aigina Island due your holidays with us. You can travel via flying dolphins (hydrofoils), Catamaran and ferryboats, but the quickest way is to take the “Agistri Express” from Agistri (Skala) to Aegina. In just 10 min you are Monday to Saturday on Aegina Island. The price per adult is Euro 5,50, and children pay just Euro 3.